Arod admitting to steroids

Adding to the pile-on, Ryan's colleague in the lower chamber, longtime Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner, R-Wis., also offered a vigorous defense of his record, calling out Nicholson by name. "Speaker Paul Ryan has been a steadfast leader in Wisconsin and Washington in support of conservative ideals. Contrary to recent comments made by . Senate candidate Kevin Nicholson, Paul's prominent footprint in Wisconsin is visible every day through the continued achievements of the many conservative leaders that he has helped elect, guide, and inspire," Sensenbrenner stated on Thursday. "The victories of 2016 would not have been possible without Paul’s tireless efforts, and he will continue his work on behalf of all Wisconsinites in 2018 to ensure we elect another sound conservative Senator. Any candidate seeking that office would benefit greatly from Paul's experience and leadership."

Here something else from another socialist/ New Age university: Purdue: https:///owl/resource/577/01/ How to Use Quotation Marks.
That research report from Yale is real scientific research. There are no references to politics just facts, experimentation, and results. You are saying that Yale scientists aren’t “real” scientists. Then you trot out, with no research or reference, the dumbest questions on dynamic and static climate change. Who is saying that climates are static? Yale scientists? Al Gore? The term, Static, in Physics, means that scientists are concerned with bodies at rest or forces in equilibrium.
Jack if you want to get your science information interpreted for you, carry on with the way you are going. If you can’t read a research report, go back to college. However, since all colleges are Communist/Socialist/New Age hallowed myopic academic think tanks, in your opinion, you may have to learn on your own.
Facts are neutral. Jump off a building and you will fall straight to the ground. That is the law of gravity. It’s not socialist propaganda or politically driven. I stand by not being intellectually lazy and not using the excuse of 97% of the world’s scientists are socialist/New Age.
Here is another research report from Northeastern University that addresses using pressure dipoles are a better way of understanding and predicting climate changes. It can make better use of static (see definition above) snapshots of climate data by using pressure dipoles to extrapolate more accurate date. It’s up-to-date research. Because, as you know, climate always changes. http:///sds/

Arod admitting to steroids

a rod admitting to steroids


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