Cons of athletes using steroids

Very insightful. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when I was 11 and am now 45. I have used an insulin pump for years and have used both e minimed CGM and am now using the Dexcom.
Pros of the minimed CGM over the Dexcom are that I have noticed with the minimed are being significantly smaller (thinner) and less abrupt (more like a rolling hill then a mountain) at the site location this seems to help with the feeling of it easily being ripped off during activities.
The cons of the minimed CGM over the Dexcom in my opinion is that Dexcom does not charge for the use of there app where minimed charges $ and using bluetooth with my iPhone 7 seems to have a much better signal quailty with significantly less lost signals in the middle of the night or actually anytime for that matter.
My personal opinion is that minimed has better education regarding the CGM. I believe both training methods are adequate however.
I believe either option is better then having neither and the technology once understood works very well in helping make informed decisions on how you treat your diabetes.

As a pro-kayaker we make tens of dollars instead of millions but the thrills and thirst for approval is the same. It's a game changer when people are upset that you choose NOT to run something...then the media goes elsewhere and the sponsors stop calling...and there is a temptation to call back and say ''hey, I'm gonna do something huge!'' just to get back the attention. But the risk is real and however however desperate the persona is for attention it is never going to be enough for the self and there is a real chance you might never perform at any level if things go wrong. I focus on the fact that when no one is around and I'm too old for anyone else to care I still want to be able to go enjoy the motions and sensations of kayaking to whatever ability I am able. Strong motivation to preserve your body comes from a realization of it's limitations. Find an old man who still gets after it passionately on his own for his own personal sensations. Visualize that as a goal to help balance the one's immediate desires for attention with those of the simple enjoyments of the future. Thanks for sharing.

Cons of athletes using steroids

cons of athletes using steroids


cons of athletes using steroidscons of athletes using steroidscons of athletes using steroidscons of athletes using steroidscons of athletes using steroids