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How many men can talk of being psyched out by the great Arnold only to turn this around to become one of the more revered figures in bodybuilding history, a man who did not need to pull psych-jobs to make his massive mark, of being a reclusive introvert who intelligently and determinedly worked his way to the top of the bodybuilding world to become one of the iron game's most vocal and inspiring champs? Actually nobody can claim this as it is a distinction that lies solely with the man they call The Hulk, the living legend Lou Ferrigno.

I was also very aware of the possibility of overtraining and I realized you had to train the muscle very hard to get a response, but you had to temper that with nutrition and recovery. You don't grow when you are in the gym; you are actually breaking the muscle down. You grow when you are outside the gym. I have a very simply analogy I use when I do seminars and it tends to work. I tell people if they had a piece of sandpaper and rubbed it across their palm until it was red and bloody and left it alone for a few days, it would heal up.

Learning logic and acquiring the ability to think critically is not easy, though not impossibly difficult. I learned how to do these things by reading and "digesting" the works of novelist/philosopher, Ayn Rand. To get started on the proper, methodical path read her books of explicit philosophic essays "Philosophy: Who Needs, It?"- especially the Introduction and the first two chapters-and "The Romantic Manifesto"-especially the second chapter, Philosophy and Sense of Life. After reading and re-reading the first couple of chapters from each of those books, put them aside for a while and read her two epochally great novels--"The Fountainhead" and "Atlas Shrugged," in that respective order. Just as is true with any other context of knowledge, philosophy must be studied in a logically structured order...

Dorian yates interview steroids

dorian yates interview steroids


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