Ecdysteroids in humans

20-Hydroxyecdysone and other ecdysteroids are used in biochemistry research as inducers in transgenic animals, whereby a new gene is introduced into an animal so that its expression is under the control of an introduced ecdysone receptor . Adding or removing ecdysteroids from the animal's diet then gives a convenient way to turn the inserted gene on or off (see ecdysone receptor ). At usual doses, 20-hydroxyecdysone appears to have little or no effect on animals that do not have extra genes inserted; it also has high bioavailability when taken orally, so it is useful for determining whether the transgene has been taken up effectively. [4] For uses in gene therapy , it may be necessary to investigate more thoroughly the natural sources of ecdysteroids in humans (which appear to include dietary phytoecdysteroids , gut flora , helminth infections , and other diseases ). [5]

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Ecdysteroids in humans

ecdysteroids in humans


ecdysteroids in humansecdysteroids in humansecdysteroids in humansecdysteroids in humans