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Cisco’s leaders saw XaaS as an opportunity to not just cut costs or increase efficiencies but to rethink the way the company engaged with its customers and partners. The effort is ongoing, but IT costs are already dropping and processes are being streamlined. IT has also created a global ERP platform that made it easier to take advantage of new business opportunities, says Tan. “As we have expanded into China and India, we have leveraged this platform not just for cost containment but also to accelerate our time to market and offer business services more effectively.”

Help I have a friend who is a gym goer Im not sure of his quantity or how long he has been taking steroids, but stopped recently because he had really bad neck pain. No dr or scan, ultrasound etc showed anything. Put on huge pain killer amounts didnt help alot but felt after about six weeks some relief. Until today when he thinks a prior knee issue has flared up. If this a result of steroid abuse how long before it heals? Im pretty sure he wont touch them again. He can handle all over aches and pains but these last two injuries have had him off work.

Future pharma steroids

future pharma steroids


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