Igf-1 steroidology

Again, the quality will greatly determine how much you should use every day. TThe guy discussed in the thread gets blue tops HGH. Blue tops HGH is a generic made product from China; so I'm betting he's going to need around 5 IU's to get the same results as 3 IU's of a pharma-grade product. As an experienced steroid user, he also stacks HGH with testosterone enanthate, Equipoise, and Dianabol in one cycle, and then then testosterone e., Deca Durabolin and Turinabol in another AAS cycle. In all, he runs HGH for 47 straight weeks before stopping use.

Igf-1 steroidology

igf-1 steroidology


igf-1 steroidologyigf-1 steroidologyigf-1 steroidologyigf-1 steroidologyigf-1 steroidology