Overeem failed steroid test

There was no official word from the UFC or president Dana White on what the promotion’s plan would be if indeed Overeem is not licensed to fight dos Santos. The co-main event between Mir and Velasquez was to determine the next top contender to face the winner of dos Santos-Overeem. Velasquez has not fought since losing the title to dos Santos in November. Mir is on a three-fight winning streak. And Lesnar, who lost to Overeem in December, retired from MMA after that fight and on Monday started what is believed to be a one-year run in the WWE.

As for the hypocrisy of media coverage on Alistair Overeem, it is funny to see the media “boycott” interviewing him because he won’t answer steroids question at this time. Why? He’s already been convicted guilty in the court of fan opinion — and part of that opinion is based on fighters and no-name trainers and people in the business who throw out steroid accusations but don’t get challenged in the media for making such claims. If there’s no punishment for making the steroid accusations, then of course the “s” word is going to thrown around. The MMA media is almost applying a libel law in which the person accused of doing something has to prove their innocence first rather than the accuser having to bring evidence to back up their claims in the media.

Kizer had ordered Overeem (36-12) to take a blood test and a urine test after his Feb. 2 loss to Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva in Las Vegas. He asked him to take the blood test because it was his first fight back after an unannounced out of competition blood test in late March of 2012 that showed Overeem having taken the steroid testosterone. Overeem later claimed at a hearing before the commission, where he was at the time denied a license, that he did so unknowingly. He said a doctor prescribed an injectable solution to heal a rib injury which contained testosterone causing him to fail the test.

Overeem failed steroid test

overeem failed steroid test


overeem failed steroid testovereem failed steroid testovereem failed steroid testovereem failed steroid testovereem failed steroid test