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What’s most interesting is that constantly, between you and Leah, AND people that come tell their stories on the show; they often talk about their friends in Scientology and that there are plenty of good people in Scientology. I’m not sure how that’s spreading ‘hate’, but then again all of their excuses are them accusing people of doing what THEY do. Abuse, hate, exploitation, etc. Just like the old adage ‘you’re as sick as your secrets’, someone needs to tell ‘Scientology’ that the truth will set them free. But then again they won’t be a multi million/billion dollar empire of they do so.

Akiyama et al. (2001) described a 56-year-old Japanese woman, born of nonconsanguineous parents, who had a mild form of lamellar ichthyosis involving thick dark gray lamellar scales covering her neck, abdomen, center of the back, and bilateral axillae. She was not born with collodion, and thick scales had appeared during infancy. The skin on her face and extremities appeared normal, and she did not display hyperkeratosis of the palms or soles. The severity of scaling was stable without the use of retinoids or topical steroids, although the scaling worsened and affected areas enlarged during the summer. Family history revealed that an older sister with ichthyosis had died at 1 week of age of unknown cause. Light microscopy of lesional skin showed marked hyperkeratosis with only a small number of parakeratotic cells, and electron microscopy demonstrated thickening of the cornified cell envelope during keratinization of the epidermis.

Pauly d steroids 2012

pauly d steroids 2012


pauly d steroids 2012pauly d steroids 2012pauly d steroids 2012pauly d steroids 2012pauly d steroids 2012