Plant sterol steroids

Plant sterols, or phytosterols, are naturally occurring plant molecules that are very similar to cholesterol. In the intestines, plant sterols interfere with cholesterol absorption. Researchers have found that when plant sterols are ingested, they are not well absorbed by the body but latch on to cholesterol receptors in your intestines. As a result, less cholesterol is able to pass from your intestines into your bloodstream, so cholesterol levels in the blood are lowered. That cholesterol is instead excreted in your feces. Plant sterols are naturally occurring in many foods and some foods are fortified to include more plant sterols. They are also available in supplement form.

It is said to have obtained its name from its high reputation as a heal-all, being supposed even to cure the plague. It is mentioned in all the treatises on the Plague, and especially by Thomas Brasbridge, who in 1578 published his Poore Man's Jewell, that is to say, a Treatise of the Pestilence, unto which is annexed a declaration of the vertues of the Hearbes Carduus Benedictus and Angelica. Shakespeare in Much Ado about Nothing, says: 'Get you some of this distilled Carduus Benedictus and lay it to your heart; it is the only thing for a qualm.... I mean plain Holy Thistle.' The 'distilled' leaves, it says 'helpeth the hart,' 'expelleth all poyson taken in at the mouth and other corruption that doth hurt and annoye the hart,' and 'the juice of it is outwardly applied to the bodie' ('lay it to your heart,' Sh.), 'therefore I counsell all that have Gardens to nourish it, that they may have it always to their own use, and the use of their neighbors that lacke it.'

As I mentioned before, cholesterol and Plant Sterols are very similar compounds and, although having different ‘personalities’, can work for you interchangeably in some cases, your skin being one of them. Dermatologists discovered this little crossover and have come up with a solution for you, one that ZENMED has adapted into it’s diverse line of skin care products: Plant Sterols can actually mimic the effects of cholesterol in the skin and they do so without the negative side effects of direct application. What’s more, they have been shown to increase elasticity and have anti-wrinkle and repairing characteristics.

Plant sterol steroids

plant sterol steroids


plant sterol steroidsplant sterol steroidsplant sterol steroidsplant sterol steroidsplant sterol steroids