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“One nanomolar levels ‘of Thimerosal’ in the baby will prevent the macrophages from going through phagocytosis (vaccines using Thimerosal as a preservative contain 125,000 nanomolar level of mercury). In other words, they will lose their ability to eat viruses and bacteria that are in the blood that shouldn’t be there, and so Thimerosal suppresses the immune system. This is well known and has been well described in the literature for a long time; that mercury is an immune system suppressor and you see that these autistic children have a truckload of immune problems. So you would prevent that from occurring. That is documented research and I don’t know how the government can even ignore it, or the agencies of the government can ignore it. ” Dr. Boyd Hayley

Salivary Pathogen Molecular Testing – we strongly encourage all or our clients to have a simple saliva molecular test (provided at our clinic) to determine definitively and quantitatively which periodontal pathogens are present in their infection .  Every case is different. This highly definitive test directs treatment therapy moving forward and provides valuable information about the decision to use adjunctive systemic antibiotics . This is considered “individualized periodontal medicine” since we are not guessing about virulent pathogen involvement, thus we can pinpoint the appropriate short term antibiotic for the infection.  Health history factors and medical lab test results are take into account before any definitive decisions are made for appropriate therapy moving forward.  We often involve the medical doctor (or specialist, such as a cardiologist) in the decision making process based on systemic health issues already present. For example, if a patient has a history of heart disease, atherosclerosis, or stroke, and the molecular pathogen test returns with high levels of certain pathogens known to contribute to vascular inflammation , we are going to be much more proactive in our multidisciplinary treatment approach.  This would mean more frequent pathogen testing and possibly a much more frequent supportive periodontal maintenance program. This also empowers the patient through education, if the patient is educated to understand the mouth-body connection, and how it can relate to serious systemic diseases, they can become more involved in their own co-therapy.

Secosteroid steroid

secosteroid steroid


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