Steroid injection in leg pain

My brother had a Staphallacacause infection in his knee when we were kids he got it off the wretling mat at high school; my mother washed all our cloths together the stuff was so infectios we all got it, I have  had episodes on and off throughout my life. Sounds like you had a boil in your knee. Hope you are stll alive! That can be deadly without antibioitics. Or the guy doing the procedure didn't know what he was doing, sucking out fluid by the way is not getting a shot of cortizone, so what you are talking about is something diferent, sounds licke staff to me. 

Two days ago I received a corticosteroid fluoroscopic injection in my left hip. Yesterday morning, I woke up to feeling flu-like symptoms : hotness, nausea, tiredness , lack of appetite . This morning, I woke to a splitting headache which did not subside all day, even with ibuprofen (the only pain reliever that helps me). Now, I can't sleep. On the plus side, my hip pain is just about gone. The injection itself was not painful, but the Novacaine shots (4 of them) were. The injection site is still sore, but my joint pain is much better. Hope it lasts.

Hi. My is steve39630 I have an hip injection in Springfield, mo. At a Bone & Joint center. But Dr. Ryan Snyder send me to another Dr. Boyd Crockett at Walnut Lawn West entrance in Springfield, mo. For an hip injection that was in 7/1/09. And Dr. Snyder was leaving his practice at ferrell-Duncan clinic in Springfield. And Dr Snyder last day to see his patients at Bone& joint center was in 6/25/10 I have another Dr. Shannon L. woods now for an hip injection . I am still in pain in my both legs I am unable to walk in an wheel chair.

Steroid injection in leg pain

steroid injection in leg pain


steroid injection in leg painsteroid injection in leg painsteroid injection in leg painsteroid injection in leg painsteroid injection in leg pain