Steroid injection in leg

Hi. My is steve39630 I have an hip injection in Springfield, mo. At a Bone & Joint center. But Dr. Ryan Snyder send me to another Dr. Boyd Crockett at Walnut Lawn West entrance in Springfield, mo. For an hip injection that was in 7/1/09. And Dr. Snyder was leaving his practice at ferrell-Duncan clinic in Springfield. And Dr Snyder last day to see his patients at Bone& joint center was in 6/25/10 I have another Dr. Shannon L. woods now for an hip injection . I am still in pain in my both legs I am unable to walk in an wheel chair.

Dr Radcliff and colleagues conclude, "Despite the common treatment practice of incorporating one or more ESI in the initial nonoperative management of patients with spinal stenosis, these results suggest that ESI is associated with worse outcome in the treatment of spinal stenosis," write. They believe the "most likely" reason for the worse outcomes after ESI is that the injection causes worsening of the spinal narrowing or result spinal nerve impingement, although other explanations are possible. The authors call for further research to clarify the "indications and results of this common procedure."

Steroid injection in leg

steroid injection in leg


steroid injection in legsteroid injection in legsteroid injection in legsteroid injection in legsteroid injection in leg