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Due to circumstances beyond our control, this review has no Skylake-X gaming data. At the time of our SKL-X review, it was throwing up some issues and so we aimed to test at a later date. We ran some more data using the latest BIOS and a more stringent cooling setup, then when Threadripper arrived we packed the SKL-X away and Threadripper took the phsyical place of SKL-X in the lab. Having had time to look back at our SKL-X results and now process them, we had one CPU+GPU combo that seemed to perform as expected but the rest were still erroneous. Once this review is out of the way and a couple of mini-projects, we're going to update the X299 motherboard with a new one and knuckle down to find this issue, as it appears to be BIOS/firmware related.

Iv made an order of just under £70
Pct and other tabs. I made the transfer and followed directions on getting a confirmation about delivery but still not received any emails or deliveries and yes I have checked details more than once to make sure it’s no error off mine. Really thought this was legit!
I usually order in bulk but can’t put trust in a site like this!! If I revive my order within the next week I will 1000% recommend this site and make my bulk order but as off now I’m a dissatisfied client! Any recommendations to fast deliveries and good products let me know, D Williamson

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Xsteroids review

xsteroids review


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